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Zales is a Total Rip-Off

I went to their online site to order some jewelry. I had to call to find out if the pendants I wanted were solid or hollow, and they said solid. Then when I ordered and paid, I got an email and saw they had overcharged me. I immediately tried to cancel the order but their systems wouldn't allow it. I emailed their customer ...

Ring Came Back Damaged after a Resize

Took ring to get sized down (undamaged) ring came back to me 2 weeks later bent on the setting that holds the diamonds. Now its been about a month and yet this issue still can't get resolved. They tried to repair and the repair looks horrible and at this point I am still waiting on a call from the district manager or the store ...

Wedding bands keep cracking open!

Bought matching set, husband's ring cracked open! When we tried to replace, were told they no longer carry that style, so they replaced with another similar. Two years later, my ring cracked open! They ordered a two-tone, but got a solid gold so now I'm waiting on yet another replacement. Meanwhile, husband's ring cracked open ...

Kays sayes chipped diamond-zales says no

We purchased engagement ring at Zales in 2014 I brought it in to Kay's for a trade in and I was told that it was chipped on the rim of the diamond and it would need to be replaced prior to trading it in. I went back to Zales and they said it was a natural on the rim of the diamond and they would send it in to the home ...