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False advertistments

My husband and I bought a dodge Journey a month ago with a special ad they had going which read 5,000 off the blue book value off my trade in, 5,000 off every new car and 5,000 rebate when we got home and bought the car we realize we were scam. I had left the article with these deals at home and assume we were getting the ...

Valve body failure

Twice in first year valve body failed and left me stuck in evening commute traffic. Parts not readily available. They will not pay for a rental car. 1000.00 on car rentals within 4 months My first new car in 24 years. Picked the wrong Brand. I was told the valve body's have metal fragments inside and they have to build a new ...

It's Not The Dodge It's The Dealership

Five Star Dodge in Macon, Georgia. Riverside Dr. Are full of artist. They voilated every law in the book. Selling brand new cars up to $10,000 more than market value. I purchased a 2013 Dodge Ram Quad Cab by in April. I was never told the price of the truck until all the paperwork was done. I left with a $40,000 truck and a ...

Michelle Minns

Although we have been loyal Dodge and Jeep owners with our last three vehicles (Two Dodge Ram Dually 1 ton trucks and one Jeep Wrangler), we will not be purchasing either in the future. With the last two purchases the service has been horrendous. I never thought I would want to purchase a different vehicle due to the service ...

New Dodge Avenger is a piece of junk

I have a dodge avenger with 15K miles and it stalls while driving and happened at a major intersection. They see nothing wrong with it and had me drive around with a device with hopes it would happen while I had it. It hasn't in the last 4 weeks so they want it back and won't do anything to either fix the car or trade it out. ...

2009 Dodge Caliber Transmission failure

At 69,000 miles my check engine light came on and my car went into limp mode. After 2 days at the dealer and a very rude service advisor I was informed that the car needed a new transmission. I took the car to a second dealership for second opinion and was told this is a CVT transmission and primary oil pressure sensor had ...