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Dodge VAN

My daughter has had trouble with this van, the most serious being the brakes, two times now the back wheel has smoked. Brakes put on two times at the dealership, several times with our mechanic. It has come close to catching on fire, my grandchildren ride in this piece of junk, what the heck does the dealer do nothing... ...

Defective parts and workmanship

I own a 2004 Dodge Dakota Crew cab pick up. To date, I have replace 3 of 4 window lift brackets. When the brackets break, the window drops inside the door and cannot be rolled up. This is poor material and workmanship and leaves the owner at risk of the vehicle being vandalized. The vehicle cannot be secured or locked due to ...

Watch your lady most of all sales rep.

Yes me and my fiance went to community chrysler-dodge-jeep when it was time to test drive a car larry schwab so called sales person hoped in the front seat with my fiance and i was forced to ride in the rear and the seat was doing a lot of pain i asked him why is this seat so foward he said it lays foward and that was it i was ...

New Dodge Charge

I just purchased a 2011 Charger and I took it to the dealership for my first oil change. I picked it up from the lot and drove 55 miles and relized that my instrument lights were on. First the oil light then the breaking system. I then started to lose speed and my car would not excellerate. I had the car towed in which I had ...

Transmissions no good

I have an older dodge caravan 95 model however i am on 3rd transmission and now its out again called customer service and all i hear is your van is old beware these transmissions are only good up to 70,000 miles on this last one less milage on the other 2 if their products cant do better than that i never want anything they ...

Brembo brake replacement$

I have a Dodge '08 Challenger, love the car I take care of it inside and out. Recently while rotating the tires I noticed that one of the front brake pads was wearing excessively and diagonally. Strange I thought. Upon further investigation 3 of the 4 brake pistons had frozen due to the face of the metal piston corroding. ...