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Direct Tv
Deceptive pricing

I had talked to a Direct TV representative in regards to lowering my bill. I was guaranteed a set price for six months, the same price new subscribers pay. It wasn't two months and they increased my price. When I inquired they told me they were still honoring my programing credits. I was very explicit in asking several times ...

Direct Tv
No TV everytime it rains

Every time it rains, we have signal loss (#771) that comes up on screen and have no tv to watch. It does this too in the winter time when we get snow on the dish. Another thing we were supposed to be bundled with ATT and I have to pay two separate bills every month which adds up to more money than I was originally signed up ...

Direct Tv
If you rent, better read this!

I had Direct TV when I was renting an apt. My landlord had to replace the roof and I called Direct TV and told them ahead of time and asked what I was supposed to do about the dish. I was told someone would be out, but no one came. The landlord did however begin the replacement a week later and had his men move the dish so ...