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Direct Tv
Theft by two directv servicemen

I had a pandora bracelet on my nightstand when two directv servicemen were out. It was gone after they left. I reported it to directv, got no satisfaction. I called the police. Was told by the officer that this isn't the first time in this area to have an issue with something missing after directv. When I called directv again, ...

Direct Tv
Direct tv stole $402 from my debit card

After they had been cramming my bill for the last 10 months, I went through each invoice with their customer service and was reimbursed over $180. I then paid my balance of $30 (bank has the charge on file). And told them to turn if off. I'm done trying to babysit adults taking money out of my pocket. But NO it gets better. I ...

Direct TV sucks

Direct Tv is a big lie they were rude, and when they answered my call they were laughing and talking about a then lied about it. Also every time it rains we lose the signal and they say there isn't any reason to lose the signal. I was with Dish for 9 years and never had any issues like this, the person who sold me the Direct ...

Direct Tv
Hidden Fees and BAD BAD Service

Moved to a different city. Suspended our service until we could find a home. We had six months to do this. Decided to turn in our equipment because we found that the service we got on our rental was not satellite and the quality and consistent service was better and cheaper. Direct TV at our old home would have to be reset ...