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Sears Home Improvement cheats their salesmen

Despite my reservations (due to many similar reviews), my husband accepted a job as a HVAC salesman for Sears Home Improvement in March of this year. He spent a month down in Los Angeles (2 hours from our home). They did pay for his hotel Sunday through Thursday, so he came home on the weekends, but he had to fight to get ...

Credit card limit

I have been a Sears credit card holder since 1988. When they merged with K-Mart they have gone down hill. My credit limit with them was $5,000 but after they merged with K-Mart and I hadn't used my card in 2 years they lowered my credit limit to $250. I tried to may a purchase which totaled $269 it would not accept it nor ...

No service at all

On May 28,2015, my wife, daughter, son-in-law and their 3-year old daughter walked into the Sears Store located in the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida, to purchase a new car seat for the little girl. Having done some internet research we had a good idea which seat we were looking for. We located two seats, both sealed, ...

Bad customer service

We purchased a bed from sears and payed extra for a saturday delivery we made ready for delivery we received a frame and box spring when I asked where my mattress was they said it wasn't put on the truck it was still in the warehouse, so the driver told me he would call the warehouse and have it brought out to me how ever the ...