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Sears eventually made it right

After receiving less than quality products from, I wanted to return them to a Sears store, an option listed on the website. However, I discovered that wasn't true for the items that I had purchased. I had to ship the items back to Sears via UPS which cost me an additional $28.00. After much complaining and ...


I have been trying to get a washing machine delivered since 5/22/15 to no avail. I was FINALLY ASSURED of a deliver 5/28/15, between 8-12, I received ANOTHER call from sears saying my delivery time, is between 10-12. I immediately called sears again and after speaking with people THAT DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH and requesting SOMEONE ...

Lawn mower service

In April I took my mover in to my local Sears for warranty service. It is still at the service center. Every time I call to see when I will get my mower back it has been the same answer for the last 3 weeks "YOUR MOWER WILL BE BACK AT THE STORE NEXT TUESDAY" guess what my mower was not back at the store, so I called the ...


All the negative things i'm hearing here is completely correct. I work for sears part time in sales and have been since I was an undergrad student. Now being in grad school and having another job, I continue to work there part time for extra cash, but at this point i'm so done with sears. I feel constantly harassed all the ...