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Home Depot
Dissatisfied with Online Purchase

I purchased an expensive Toro mower three weeks ago, it was shipped in from out of state, delivered to a Toro dealer, not Home Depot, for assembly and delivery. The dealer only delivers Tuesday and Friday from 9-12. They could care less since I did not purchase the mower from them. They will not allow me to come and pick it up ...

Home Depot

What an, you don't take dogs into stores. They, and bit customers and their liability insurance policies will not permit this. Any person who takes their dog into a store should be thrown out on his along with the dog. If the dog has cancer, why all it to suffer, its not a human being. Take the dog out and shoot. You liberal ...

Home Depot
Home Depot fence installation

WARNING: Do not have HD install your vinyl fence or it will look like this pic soon after their year warranty for poor labor is up. The entire fence was installed with no concrete in fence posts holes. All the posts were thrown in shallow holes with no support. The entire fence needs to be ripped down and re-installed after ...