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Home Depot
Home Depot Phone Reps Lie!

On May 5th at 3:59PM EDT, I made a call from my cell phone to Home Depot online after not finding a part in the store OR online for two relatively expensive Rain Barrels I had bought at the West Cobb Home Depot some years ago. I recently determined it is a Fiskars brand, however that rain barrel is not available at the store or ...

Home Depot
Home depot less doing more lying

Home depot offered us a warranty on our washer dryer / even though we told them it was for a assisted living facility. Getting service was a constant battle.. But they did fix the machine. Now they claim its commercial use and refunded our warranty... I suggest anyone who needs appliances or anything in home depots world. To ...

Home Depot
Home Depot ripoff for tool repairs

I took 3 hand held power tools to home depot for new cords. When I tried to pick them up each new cord cost $58.00 what a sham! I only paid $50.00 new for one of them 20 yrs ago took 2 home and left 1 behind. What a screw and bunch of. They claimed to have authorization over phone. Now I am a senior and would never authorize a ...