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Home Depot
Receiving the incorrect products

We are renovating two bathrooms. We ordered 8 items online from Home Depot. Only 3 were correct. One sink we ordered 3 times, and it was incorrect each time (it wasn't) even a sink that came in. This is not a very good success rate, if you ask me. After the third mistake, I called the 800 number To complain to someone. I was ...

Home Depot
Poor service

Checkout with bulky products is almost impossible. Why is Home Depot too cheap to hire another cashier? With many workers just standing around you would hope that some of them would be able to run a cash register. Which would be cheaper for Home Depot: hiring another minimum wage cashier or having many dissatisfied customers ...

Home Depot
Price quote for contractor services

Basically I would strongly advise against using any company that sub-contracts work out in general as Home Depot does. The primary reason being that, as in the case with Home Depot, you sign a contract for services with them and they charge you substantially higher price (50%-100% more) than you would find on the open market ...