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Clayton Homes
Clayton Homes was Good to ME!

I was in search of a home in 2003, I looked at Clayton Homes in Reidsville, NC and found a home that I loved. I purchased the home and Clayton Homes was great to deal with and they done exactly what they promised. The home has been a good one. YES! By now we have made improvement's and the home is paid for. I will buy a ...

Clayton Homes
Review about Home from Kerrville, Texas

For $70000 I expect cabinet does that don't fall off before the first year is up. I expect that my kitchen drawers will stay on the tracks that they were set in. I also want a dishwasher that lasts more than a year. I received a substandard product and the run around when I reported it. Look at other manufacturers and BUY ...

Clayton Homes
Review about Home from Phoenix, Arizona

We bought are Clayton home 9 years ago, but weeks after moving in We had so many problems with the home. Till this very day we are having problems! The windows wont open, we have had to replace every door knob, my closet door wont close, the cabinets suck & are falling apart, big gaps in the floor, noticed this after taking ...