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American Mattress
False Advertising

I purchased a mattress set with an adjustable base. The one that we tested in the store when you sit on it and adjust the head up your feet stay on the bed. We ordered the set with the word of the salesman that the one we were getting was exactly the same. When you sit on the one that was delivered my feet (and I'm only 5'4") ...

American Mattress
American Mattress and Furniture

I bought a sofa from them 2 weeks ago and it was delieverd with a broken leg and a hole under one of the cushions. Plus the tag that states "Do not remove under penalty of law except by the consumer." Well the tag was gone and they never came out to fix the broken leg and cushion. I contacted the Attorney General of the State ...

American Mattress
Stained Mattress

To make a long story short, my mom purchased an adjustable bed and mattress and wanted to exchange the mattress for a different one. When they came to exchange it, they found stains on the mattress and said they couldn't exchange it with stains on it. My mom insists that she didn't stain it, but the manager insisted that they ...