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Home Shopping Network
HSN wont let me place an order because a roommate has a debt at the address they have in their sys for me g

I cannot believe what HSN has done, i lived with my cousin for a few months and moved but now i'm trying to make a purchase and i'm being told by HSN that i will not be able to place an order till my EX roommate clears an acct she has with them. OMG i feel an arbitration coming on... BEWARE PEOPLE HSN is not a credible company ...

Home Shopping Network
No Money Back! HSN sucks!

I ordered a computer from HSN on flexpay. I received a confirmation that my order was on its way. The next day, I was informed I did not qualify for flex pay and that they would return my down payment. They have not refunded my money, and when I contacted them they explained its nothing they could do. I am out of $140.00 and ...

Home Shopping Network
Shipping is way Too LONG

Ordered a Tracfone with free shipping. Previous to that I had ordered diamond earrings. HSN is using SurePost/UPS which is a total joke. It will take my order almost 2 weeks to get from FL to LI? That's absured! Diamond earrings 10 days - and once you place your order just try and cancel it - you are not offered that option. ...

Home Shopping Network
HSN and the Proform exercise bike.

Purchased the Proform exercise bike on HSN after watching the presentation. When I got it home and set it up, the manual states that the progress meter was only in kilometers not miles. I called Proform and they said this particular model's meter cannot be converted to miles. What? HSN hosts never said a word about this. I bet ...

Home Shopping Network
Hsn rip off!

I am a new customer of HSN and I bought from them couple of items which I liked on their website. However, for some reason I returned some items which did not meet my expectations e. G. The jeans (NYDJ) did not fit (too loose). The necklace was too big in actual as compared to the picture on the website, another necklace broke ...