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Home Shopping Network

Made a purchase from HSN on the internet and made an error typing the address. I put 1523 instead of 1623 W. Lunt. I purchased under my name and sent to my name. My name is not on the mail box or the door bell. UPS delivered it anyway saying anyone could be in the apartment. I called HSN after getting a message that they were ...

Home Shopping Network
RIPPed off hundreds

My daughter and I each purchased a Everly Brothers portrait from HSN and sent once in a lifetime photos in to be retouched, etc. Each size was expensive. The portrait company went out of business, we never got the portraits, HSN refused to give us our money back and worst of all, we never got our precious photos back! We ...

Home Shopping Network
HSN Back Orders

This is the second time I ordered Andrew Lessmans Vitamins on HSN only to have them back ordered. They don't contact you about the back order they just don't ship them. I never had a problem like that with QVC. Andrew himself said on the air they would take vitamins from the 30,60 count bottles to make sure he could deliver ...