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Poland Spring
Burning smoking new unit with no set up

We were not notified of a delivery in our secured apartment and some how the poland spring rep got in and left everything outside my door in the hallway where it easily could have been taken. We set the up the unit as we read the 3 hand written instructions and the unit began to smoke badly. It is Saturday and we have no ...

Poland Spring
Toxic Poison taste > throwing it out

June 2015: Tastes like bitter garbage now. It might be that it was shipped in hot trucks and took in the chemicals in the plastic bottles. I'm throwing it out. I bought it at Stop & Shop in New York, and I will never buy it again. Tastes deathly toxic. Sharply bitter on the tongue. Other bottled waters taste great in ...

Poland Spring
Never got my delivery in NYC

Scheduled delivery for Friday 1-4pm, never came. They claimed I wasn't home, I was home the entire time. Rescheduled to Saturday same time, never came. Called up again was now told the trucks had an issue which is why the deliveries never came on Friday and Saturday, told me they would be delivered on Monday same time. Monday ...

Poland Spring
Poland Spring aka Nestle is a FRAUD!

Beware beware beware - poland spring water is not spring water! It is tap water!!! This is the TRUTH! If you believe that bottled water is anything other than tap water, I am sorry to say you are ignorant and blind. They are NOT tapping into ANY springs. If you think they are, go to any spring and take a phot of one and post ...