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No satisfaction from Nelnet, scammers

I am a disabled person applying for loan forgiveness. I applied March 2014. After months of being told that my claim is still being processed. I get a letter tellinge me that my claim was just received. It is now June 2015. One year later. This place is a joke. I guess this ordeal will go on for many years. Or until they ...

Tuition Service Fee

Well, paying $5,000 worth of tuition at the beginning of every semester can most certainly be hectic for a grad student. We already have adult expenses, like insurance, car notes, nice apartments, etc. To take care of. So, I was pretty surprised to see that Nelnet is charging me a $100 service fee just to pay my my ...

Paid off loan, still accruing interest!

I was lucky enough to be able to make my final loan payment last week! I paid what it said I owed online, I called to confirm that amount. Imagine my surprise when I get on today to make sure it says $0 and it had been accruing interest! I had just made a HUGE payment of several thousand dollars and they needed $6.50 more from ...

Disability Discharge Gone WAAYY Wrong!

I applied for, and received a complete and total disability discharge about five years ago. I received notice in writing from the department of education that I had been approved, but that it would take about three years to complete. After about four years I received notice in writing that I was in default and my discharge had ...

Just a step above a "Loan Shark"

I have had a parent student loan for over 15 years. The original balance was $47,460.13 I currently have a balance of about $31,000. Over the loan period I have paid over $35,000 in interest. My total interest, if I pay on my current schedule will be $58,908.16.interest rates are at an all time low, yet NELNET is still ...