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Blue World Pools
I love my blue world pool

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love this company. They have made my family's dream of owning a pool a reality. The pool was installed quick and easy. We have enjoy the pool so much and they make it affordable to own. The pool is great for all kinds of family get to gathers. It easy to maintain and keep running. ...

Blue World Pools
They wasn't honest

They came told us about pool and it was to high for me so they kept talking they dont take no he was pushing the owner of the place had to leave salesman said just sign your and his name and talk him when he get back so the price will be locked in and just call this number speak this guy with in three days to say yes or noand ...

Blue World Pools
Blue World Pool-Loving It

I have been interested in obtaining a pool for some time now. Recently after seeing an ad, I contacted Blue World Pools for an estimate. A meeting was arranged quickly for someone to come to my home. After hearing the details and seeing the beautiful pools, I decided to purchase an above ground pool. Arrangements were made for ...

Blue World Pools
24 foot mid-line pool

We LOVE this pool. We had talked about installing one for a while and even contacted some other companies. No other business was as helpful as Blue World Pools. The sales personnel answered every question and concern we had before-hand and make the purchase super easy. The pool installers really knew what they were doing (even ...

Blue World Pools
Review about Pool Overcharge

So upset!!! We were lied to so bad. Got a pool from blue world pool in May 2013, meet with a salesmen and was lied to about price of pool paid 1000 down and paper said balance due was 8500, I called to get a payoff and was shocked, now a year later blue world tells me we owe over 15 thousand dollars on this pool. I would ...

Blue World Pools
Avoid this company

This has to be one of the worst experiences I've had dealing with a company. First of all, no one can answer a question. I get transferred about 5 times every time. Second, you have to do all the work. I waited 3 weeks then called to check on install just to be told my install is ready to be schedule, wait 7-10 days to hear ...