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I called paypal, they informed me they don't accept moneypak cards. The Paypal rep told me to go to 7/11 store and purchase a Paypal Card. I went and purchased the card for $250. I have been online for 2 hours attempting to link the card to my account. Still no luck. DO NOT BUY Paypal card. I don't know how I am going to ...

Account is limited

Made a purchase through paypal on Nov. 23,14. Purchase was cancelled by seller, but my credit card was still charged. Paypal has limits on my acct. I purchased a tablet and tv from Sears using paypal on Nov. 23,14. On Nov. 24 Sears cancelled the order and said via email that my credit card would not be charged. I was in fact ...

False advertisement

I had a very negative experience with Paypal smart connect. DO NOT EVER USE THIS!!! I used my paypal smart connect to make a few purchases without any incidents so I figured this would be no problem also. I check the website the day before just to make sure I can use Paypal smart connect anywhere Paypal is accepted. So after ...