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Fraud, extortion, sale/giveaway my financial records and personal data to unknown entities known only to paypal overseas; banned from operating on ebay because I will not pay money to paypal for a debt

Paypal and stated they paid for an item last may 2014 for old laptop. Records from ebay and paypal stated my credit card was charged. Ebay owns Paypal or vica-versa now. Ebay doesn't keep records of transactions after 90 days and it is the same with Paypal. Paypal doesn't want to accept their own records and records from ebay ...

Unintentionally set up $1,500 Credit line

I was trying to pay for an item on Ebay. The seller only accepts paypal. I had to reset my password. When the next dialog box for continuing the transaction came up it asked for DOB and last 4 of ss#. No where in the box did it indicate I was applying for credit. Took 3 calls and 90 minutes to close the account. I have a ...