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Stealing my money

I set up a link to my bank account so I could pay my bill since they didn't transfer my financial information when they transferred my account from Billmelater. Apparently I mistakenly set it up from savings instead of checking, so the payment was rejected. I called Paypal when I saw the bank charge and the representative ...

Paypal class action

Below is info that I am posting on every blog I find with complaints about paypal's business practices and policies. Paypal has really hurt many people based on what they post and I have had it and will now take action and I am sure many will join. See below: I would like to know if anyone has started a class action against ...

Pay Pal Not Responding to Sellers Claims

I have been going on with claims since Nov6,2014 all replies are the same and all scripted over 12 plus e mails I have tracking number showing that the package WAS delivered to an Address that IS NOT MY ADDRESS. What more do they need, this was printed at the US Post office. They keep saying, Seller provided track number ...