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Best Buy
Poor customer service

This happened a Best Buy store, Goodyear, AZ. I had an issue with a product i bought and didn't work. I tried to return it within 24 hours and but it was refused. I had to contact the manufacturer, though I bought it from the store. The assistant manager Mark, by name, was so arrogant and rude, and very disrespectful. He lack ...

Best Buy
Match their price?

Purchased Apple Mini3 IPad, month later saw same IPad on sale from Sams in Sarasota Fl. Fifty dollars cheaper. Brought receipt and ad from Sams to Best Buy on Cattleman Rd Sarasota Fl, was advised by manager, would not honor it because it was over 14 days. Told him I was not aware of that policy, said it was on receipt; read ...

Best Buy
Ensignia TV

Ought retaped box... No paperwork inside after 4 months the TV was dead. Tried to get them to replace it and they wouldn't. I believe they sold me a open box item as new. Will replace or fix, that isn't good enough I went to Sams and bought a new one. I will never shop Best Buy again. Watch out and make sure your item is in a ...