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Responding to false Accusations

As a former employee in the Atlanta office I have counseled members many times for more than the allotted 2 hours, trying to get them on the right path to becoming a Homeowner. Circumstances are different; some members were ready to move forward while others might have to wait for up to 2 years based on bankruptcy or ...

Home Buying Experience

We started this program hoping we could get some help, but as of late it just seem like a bunch of running around and haggling. The consultant we are working is so nonchalant its rididculous, she acts as though we owe her. We are fed up with and will be looking elsewhere. Trust me you don't need the headache, because so far ...

Sellers Cheated

Our house has had an offer agreed on for over 2 months. It has been inspected and appraised. Everything seems to be in order but NACA will not set a closing date. It is absolutely the worst company I have ever seen! Our realtor is excellent and said in the future she will inform future clients given an offer by a NACA buyer of ...