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BMO Harris Bank

With their supposed security system, trying to sign on Is impossible. You have to re enter everything every time... Me off and I would close the account except that it Used to be M & I which was wonderful... Not wonderful Any more. Customer service is not terrific, it takes forever To get thru. There is nothing about bmo ...

BMO Harris Bank
Freeze My Money

Every time one of my Project Managers goes out of town to do work BMO Harrris puts a freeze on my money via their debit card! How is a corporation supposed to function with out access to its own funds, how dare they deny me access to MY MONEY! Never had this problem with M & I nor Compass whom I was with for over 20 years. In ...

BMO Harris Bank
Rude customer service

For 7 years I was never 30 days late on my mortgage payment with M&I. I would always pay before the 30 day late mark, sometimes out of the 17 day grace period, but never 30 days or more late. M&I was always great with customer service when dealing with my mortgage. Then M&I became BMO Harris and customer service took a dive. I ...

BMO Harris Bank
No Customer Service

They cut back teller personnel so much that there are only a couple of people worth going to. If they are not there when I walk in I leave. The couple of women that know what they're doing are overworked. I stood in line many times and watched, the supervisors and other bank people are very slow to react when the regular ...