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Dish Network
Local channels

I am not a happy customer since you took 2 of my local channels away. I am also not happy paying for these channels that you are not letting me enjoy viewing them. So get this issue resolved very soon or you will be losing a lot of your customers by promising channels that your not giving us. You also gave me channel 187 ...

Dish Network
Charges, Charges, and MORE CHARGES!

Terminated my service after my contract was over 2 years. Asked for equipment return box. 30 days and didn't yet receive, but I DID RECEIVE a bill for $500 for unreturned equipment. Called them to tell them I still didn't have equipment return box. They said they'd send, that the bill was removed. I asked if there were ANY ...

Dish Network
Horrible Customer service

HD went out on receiver had to pay 15 dollars for new receiver and 95 dollars for tech to come out. DO NOT BUY DISH. SCAM also they tried to give me HBO for 3 months but you have to call in and cancel it after 3 months or you will be charged. I had to ask this they were not going to tell me so another hidden cost they try and ...