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Class paid but no work done.

Paid the class in full got zero points after week 1 no attendance for week 2 i could get hold of the tutor customer does not respond to emails. DO NOT USE THEM You will loose your money and get an E. Please do not attempt i made a big mistake and regret it to date, i requested for refund and never got one, when i finally got ...

Ignored after failer on their part

I used them for 2 assignments. One assignment went very well. The other one after week 5 of a 8 week term just stopped doing work. Stating that it was for non payment, even though I produced the payment reminder that stated the days of payment, the confirmation of payment as well as a screenshot of my bank account showing that ... got me expelled

NoNeedtostudy is a tutoring service that takes your test for you! I know, I thought it was the best thing in the world too. Well sometimes things truly are too good to be true. The minute they got my information they blackmailed me for hundreds of dollars. When I refused they told my school. After a long embarrassing trial I ...
Karma comes around

Literally, all I wanted was a little help with my grades. Just like the name implies, a boost. I thought they could tutor me and maybe take a test for me here and there. I never thought they would use my credit card information to go do whatever they want with. Who does that? Thats like, identity theft. So illegal. But I cant ...