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Newspapers not available

Have subscribed 3 months to this site. The first time there was no problem. Cancelled after finding what I wanted and all went as it should. Subscribed again in January 2015 to get some articles I skipped and all newspapers I had gathered from before were unavailable with a date of February 14,2015 as a return date. After a ...

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Lies and defamation

James moncour "journalist" Destroyer of reputations and families! Noli, Illegitimi, Carborundum The Daily Record and an unprofessional writer of fiction and lies, James Moncur, is now without doubt supporting crime and criminal behaviour. They have defended individuals who have lied to courts, stolen public property and ...

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Renewed despite canceling

My account was set up for automatic renewal. The price had gone up dramatically so I decided to cancel my subscription. Six months ago when my account was about to renew, my credit card online had expired so I assumed my account wouldn't be renewed.instead, they changed the expiration date of my credit card online and charged ...