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Awful Searching Ability

What little I was able to find, I was able to find for free on google newspaper archives and It was almost impossible to pull up newspapers on my ipad, which is what I use primarily. The amount of newspapers offered is very limited and the newspapers to the cities I wanted weren't offered. I started my trial this ...

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As with all these types of programs I use a prepaid debit card that way I don't get hit with charges after I cancel. They always send a notice that the card didn't work and to update information. If I want to continue, I buy another ppd card and update. If I don't want to continue, I just let it go. If the ppd card doesn't ...

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Bait and Switch Tactic

I agreed to try their service for 3 days for 1.95 on January 4th, 2014, but their viewer wouldn't load, and I canceled my subscription over the phone on January 6th. However, they billed me 9.95 and in they subsequently ignored my emails requesting a refund. The company has apparently been using this bait-and-switch tactic, and ...