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Total rip off

I purchased for 30 days. I had trouble viewing the site and loading issues. I called and canceled. Received e mail that it would be canceled on October 5. I started on September 18. I called again on September 27 and was told the account was closed. I never will deal with these people again and will tell anyone I know what a ...

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Do not use this Company

I purchased this what I thought was a one time purchase last year. I did not like the site. The newspapers were not relevant for what I needed and the ones I thought I could use printed out horribly. I did not know it was a recurring fee and just got hit with a 105.97 charge. No email or anything to let me know they were about ...

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Fraudulent Charging

I signed up for a "FREE TRIAL" service on 12/28/ Jan 2013 I discovered they had charged $21.95 each for December and January. On Jan. 23,2013 I demanded cancellation and refund. They refunded $43.90 in Feb 2013 - AND CONTINUED TO CHARGE $21.95 per month. Their excuse when I called to complain today to operator #148? — ...