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Vivid White Smiles
There is no place to cancel!

I have looked for a place to cancel on vivid white smile's site and cant find one any where. I have gone over and over their site looking. I have called Vivid White several different times and I have waited on hold for over an hour and a half which is just waisting minutes on my cell phone. They charged me money and I cant ...

Vivid White Smiles
Scam and a rip

Vivid White is a rip. When taking the free trial offer they automaticaly put me on their monthly shipments of their products and billed me 87 bucks and change. I found out about it not from being billed but from my bank statement. I had success by calling my bank and then the Fraud Depatment. They googled their name, got ...

Vivid White Smiles
Vivid white scam

They sell you a trial package for a few bucks and bill you, they give you a 10 day trial offer which starts when you sign up. By the time you get the product, 2-3 weeks have gone by and they have sent you more product, they bill you a few bucks and then bill you again the same day for $90.00 some odd number more money and this ...