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Barristers Of Ohio
NO Communication

Company to company trying to obtain information and getting calls back from Barristers is a nightmare. Ask for their manager, and the person you have left 7 messages for is the manager. As a manager, I could not imagine not calling people back and informing them of what is happening. Very very very poor customer service. And ...

Barristers Of Ohio

These people are really idiots. The really should not be licensed to do titles as they know nothing about titles or deeds. I am not sure where they find their employees, but they scrape the bottom of the barrel or give them no training at all. The mistakes they make could be detrimental to buyers and sellers. As an agent, I ...

Barristers Of Ohio
Worst Company!

We have been working through a short sale through them for 8 months. They do not answer questions in a timely fashion. They answer in an time frame they like. I had no choice in using them or not. It was part of the short sale. All they ever say is we are working on it and will get back to you. After 8 long months we had to ...