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Payout is extremely difficult

I have been trying to receive my funds (1303.00) and according to Tradesy, this funds will be released if I submit my social security or government ID. Im not in the habit of providing my social security and have tried (unsuccessfully) to upload my government identification. I have failed to upload, several servers have been ...

Tradesy Sold A Replica Handbag

My experience is very similar to one of the reviews posted here. I received a luxury brand bag as a gift which I decided to sell on Tradesy. It got sold soon after I listed it. After a few days, the buyer told me that she requested a return because she was wary of the bag's authenticity. When I followed up with the buyer, she ...

Tradesy Sellers Treated Poorly

I have never sold on any online marketplace where I was treated as poorly as on Tradesy!!! Without Sellers, there would be NO Tradesy! But I don't think they realize that... A seller is treated like a guilty party whenever a Return is made. A buyer on the other hand, can say anything they want... And the return process depends ...

Great Site

I have read some of the reviews and I feel bad. I've purchased two items from the site and was very pleased. I'm a Gucci lover and the items appear to be authentic. I was in constant contact with the seller as well as Tradesy. The items were very accurate according to the description. I've used an Affirm account to test it out ...

No customer support

I ordered a pair of shoes and never had any contact from the seller after that. I e-mailed the seller twice with no response and tried to find a way to get my money refunded. There is no way to open a claim on their website so I e-mailed Tradesy with no response. I opened a chargeback with my credit card as this seemed to be ...

Tradesy Knowingly Sold Fake Item

I received a luxury bag as a gift - or so I thought. Because I had no need for this luxury item, I decided to sell it on Tradesy. It got sold right away and I immediately shipped to the buyer. I soon learned that the buyer requested a return due to question of authenticity. But then the next day buyer told me that Tradesy ...