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Lack of product

I took my laptop to have it cleaned out and after that they talked into McAfee total protection. I bought it and it cost me 32.00. After I got home two days later I ended with hacker burning the drivers and destroyed my laptop. It is too old to clean out again. I will never buy you product again. It is not worth the effect ...

McAfee infected my compute

I purchased a years protection from McAfee and that very day I started to receive malware or viruses when i called I was directed to a rep who spoke very broken english and said he could fix it if I paid an additional 250.00 I informed him that I suspected they had infected my computer to get an additional fee (I still do) he ...

McAfee Rebate Scam?

I filled out the paperwork correctly, made copies, and submitted my rebate form. After ten weeks and no rebate, McAfee tells me that they cannot prove ownership, and I have to jump through more hoops to get it. Hello, customer service. So now, I'm supposed to wait 4-6 weeks for a check... Which will probably never come. I ...

They steal your money

I bought a years virus protection from Mcafee. I checked the box " no automatic renewal". Nevertheless my credit card was plundered for a renewal I did not want and never asked for. It took me hours and a lot of hassle with my credit card company to get the money back. In my opinion this "automatic renewal" of Mcafee amounts ...

Mcafee rebate scam

I have sent all the documents they asked for, and they made the status to invalid saying UPC code is missing. From a sealed cover, only UPC code is missing. All other documents they got. Also the rebate form says to keep copies of rebate form only, no where they mentioned to keep copies of UPC code. The manager kept saying ...

Absolute sharp practice by mcafee

Purchased (€60) Mcafee cover end of 2013 and then had all kinds of pop-ups leading to virus infection. When I contacted Mcafee I was sent on to a "support system" of theirs. Control of my laptop was taken over online by a member of staff of this company and the problems were "resolved". Towards the end of this service (which ...