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Review about Domain from Sheffield, England

I am going to cancel. Took 2 weeks and 4 conversations to get email working properly. Then told i had the wrong package set up and was charged extra £25. Published my website and it can only be viewed by putting web address in the url. Told it will take 6-9 weeks before google will pick it up. But problem can be resolved ...

A pure rip-off

First When I subscribed, I was offered a 6000 Gold points on Tagged, which never were delivered even though I filed several complaints even directly to Go-Daddy. So I never went further with their service. However, some times later, I found a go-daddy bug in my system which I had to completely clean through the Registry. Now I ...

Godaddy the worst hosting company eve

Every thing yiu touch with Godaddy is terrible. When you phone customer support all you get is a salesperson trying to cross sell or up sell. Their support people have ZERO technical knowledge. I even had to explain to one how to vie w the source code for my site. Their advertising is DOWNRIGHT MISLEADING to the point of ...

Unethical practices

Oh God! What a terrible service and a way to extort money out of a customer. I had purchased a VPS [Virtual Private Server] from GoDaddy a few months ago which was hacked by a Pakistani [Anti-Indian] hacker. I asked them to help me and they just refused. Following which i did not renew my VPS services [Anything Anti-India ...