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Godaddy Auctions don't fullfill contract

Hello Everybody, I have a huge problem with Godaddy auctions Yesterday night I bought a domain name in Godaddy Auctions with the buy now option, I paid well over USD 1000, - and received a receipt, confirmation and some other emails. Today I got another email from Godaddy saying that the seller who offered the domain does ...

False commitment

Go daddy did a false commitment to me when I bought their delux web hosting plan, they said I will be getting the free coupons for google adwords, bing and yahoo and when i called again to get them they said we are sorry and not providing any of these, I think godaddy is a scam. Really had a very bad experience with godaddy. I ...

GoDaddy Scammed/Fraud me!

This is my story on how Go Daddy scammed/fraud me. The one thing that's not in this is that i got a $347.10 ticket from the police over the whole thing because Go Daddy demanded that i be prosecuted. Police nearly showed up at my place 2-3 times a week this past month and half cuz Go Daddy keeps making up false accusations. I ... LLC
Renew Scam Fraudulant and Deceitful

I purchased 3 email accounts in 2011 from GoDaddy. At the time for renewal in 2011, I specifically called to disable auto-renew for one of the email account. At that time, I gave a new credit card to pay for the other two. Unbeknowst to me, GoDaddy still charged me for the account I requested to be closed for two ...

Godaddy shut down my site.

Godaddy took my money and applied it to the wrong account. Now my site is shut down and is for sale on their site. They say they will repair the problem but there is no urgency on their part. My site has been down for almost a month the mean time I am selling nothing on my site and my reputation is damaged all because ...

Business practices are borderline scam

Business practices are borderline scam. Terrible customer service, misrepresenting billing practices and their hosting management interface not at par with other option. Do your homework and check out the market before making a decision to go with them. If you don't, you will probably go through lots of frustration, distrust, ...