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Rushed out of Tech support

I purchased a new domain name. I wanted to build a new Wordpress site for this domain. I needed some details in setting it up so I called Tech support. The rep (sadly her name wasn't clear) made only a minimal attempt to help. Once I ran into a sang I didn't understand, she told me this was not their department of support and ...

GoDaddy's technical team incompetence

My GoDaddy's incident ID is 26257303. On 12 of June the trustee provided changes to be applied by GoDaddy (as a partner) to my web-site. This was ignored by GoDaddy's responsible stuff. And I've received no notifications. And on 17 of June my domain was disconnected. Since 17 of June "advanced" technical team of GoDaddy 3 ...

BadTV ad

I know it's not the right place for this complaint but couldn't find your advertising dept. IHATE the ad that's currently on TV where the person is yelling "Stick it!" to everyone. Especially and mainly when it's directed to that very elderly woman in bed (she looks close to death). It looks shocking and abusive. It gives a ...

Worst customer care I ever saw

I called godaddy custmer care and I took plans from them where I can get paypal account. They told me to shift to higher plan. I took the plus plan. After creating website, I didnt found App option where I can add payment gateway, thus I called them. Not a single customer care representative knows it. Everyone will keep you on ...