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I can't say enough about ooShirts. They were quick and very good. I see some people had problems with them but I certainly didn't. I have ordered from other companies and the product was below my expectations, but these shirts were extraordinary. I, for one, will recommend them. I ordered black shirts with dark purple ...

They dont have customer service

This company offers a phone number for assistance but when you call it all it says is "phone assistance is not available at this time" and nobody responds to the "live chat" it is literally impossible to communicate with them. I cant believe they are really allowed to do this I ordered 25 shirts then they emailed me the next ...

Poor print quality

The first time we ordered from them everything was great. We ordered from them a second time, and they shipped us shirts with the wrong colors. After a painful exchange of emails, which including them offering to split the value, not fully cover their horrible work, they agreed to send us a replacement order. The third ...