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No customer service

Shirts came in on time with the extra delivery charge; however, I tried multiple times to make sure the color of the shirts were correct. What I placed as the order for color was not the same order printed on the receipt after I made the charge on my credit care. I left 3 messages and emailed them 4 times and tried the Live ...


Haven't gotten my order for 2 weeks. Paid expedited shipping. They are saying it will be 2 more weeks until I receive it. Have to sit on hold at least 20 minutes every time I call. Nobody ever offers a solution. They only ask if I want to cancel my order. NO! I don't want to cancel it. How hard can it be to ship ONE SHIRT out ...

HORRIBLE customer service - AVOID!

Placed an order for 44 shirts - late delivery but I had to call to find out about it. They just didn't show up. Tracking on their website said they would be on time. NO ONE could tell me when the shirts would come in. When they did come in, I realized I needed one more XL shirt - one young man was too big to fit in the large. ...