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The Room Place
Terrible Customer Service

I think that this store suffers from chronic customer service issues. I went to this location to pay my bill. The girl working in the business office, Tanesha who came from the Castleton store was the only person working. I knew there would be trouble because I've ha previous encounters with her and she's not the most friendly ...

The Room Place
5 month wait with no updates!

We waited 5 months for a part to our sofa. No one would ever give me an update in all of that time. I called several times and they would say the same thing about the estimated time of arrival. When I pointed out the time has exceeded by 3 months she had answer for me. Also there was several issues of false advertising. We ...

The Room Place
Paying to receive furniture too late?

I am supposed to receive my furniture later than what it normally takes to receive it and a day before the delivery date, they called me to let me know that it will take two more days than what I have already waited and they still want me to pay their delivery fees which is over 200.00 dollars for waiting more than what I was ...