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Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
Thief, Liar, & Cheat

This so called Attorney is a thief. He will take your money and perform no services and come up with every reason in the world to not perform. He is a liar of the worst sort. He will claim he doesn't receive documents despite proof of a fed-x with confirmed delivery date and time. Lying is second nature to this man. If you see ...

Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
Jimmie Brown FRAUD

Jimmie Brown, Atty FRAUD SWORN AFFIDAVIT Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr. Texas Bar No. 03141210 3102 Cherry Creek Drive Missouri City, TX 77459 I signed a sworn affidavit attesting to the following facts because I am a God fearing man and I want to be right with God and do theright thing. 1) My name is Luro Taylor. 2) Jimmie ...