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EBay Purchase Protection Financial Department

Seller Name: Anthony Reido Address: 2665 North 93rd St City: Omaha State: NE Zip: 68134 Country: United States 8539723347322691 9863650863955119 5077776299061767 How to make the payment: 8201628358989045 Payment must be submitted via Western Union to a designated eBay Financial Agent in charge of this transaction. ...

Plumeria Buyer's Beware!

This report is to inform current/future, plumeria buyers, sellers, and horticulturists to beware many postings for blue varieties of plumeria listed on eBay. I started an investigation last year after discovering that purchased plants in this family of colors never survived. I contacted roughly a dozen eBay users who had also ...

EBay goes back on their word and steals $334.99!

EBay will not honor a promised refund on a buyer protection case because the paperwork took to long to come in. I had sold a Samsung Galaxy SIII to Crypz0r. He claimed that the phone was broken as a cause of the charger I had sent him. Upon receiving the item and further investigation it appeared that Chris Rogers (Crypz0r) ...