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Webwatcher is best at lies

I purchased the mobile iOS and the unlimited. They made promises of watching my sons phone, he's 14 and I thought he was on sites he shouldn't be. The product doesn't do anything they promised, they then said if I purchased the unlimited it would cover messaging, Skype and websites visited, IT DID'NT!!! I even went on his iPod ...

Webwatcher - Does not work

Nothing is as it seems with this company. The software does work somewhat for a few days, but that's it. Once they have your money, the customer service is non existant and the software does not work as advertised. The facebook does not and never has worked the way it appears on the advertisement. They will waste your time ...

Webwatcher Doesn't work

We ordered and installed this service. It worked for a week then stopped. We called and customer service said it needed an update and the computer would need to remain on and connected to internet for this to happen. Well our employee was overseas by that time and we had no way of knowing when and how long they were connected. ...

Webwatcher - Refusing to refund me

I purchased the software for IOS monitoring specifically because it was advertised that it would show Whatsapp messages. It did not! I contacted them immediately and they are refusing to refund me saying I must have done something wrong! I can see everything else on the phone except the Whstsapp and I know for a fact it was ...