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Flat out LIARs

A 45 year customer. Centruy Link's modum failed. Called, they promised to send a replacement (India customer service). 1 week later, no modum. Repeated the process... Promist to mail a replacement... One week later, NOTHING. Called third time..."oh, we don't replace modums, go buy your own" Ok, did so. Asked for bill credit ...


When i signed up for century link internet i did a lot of research and ended up getting th 40 mbps modem. I have never came close to that speed. The closest i got was 28 mbps. I was also told that i could pick the day when my auto pay would come out. I am on fixed income and get my check the third wednesday of each month i ...

Century Link Bait and Switch

I was quoted $34.95 a month for 40 mb internet service if I signed a 24 month contract and signed up for auto pay. No additional products were required. I asked the representative for the various bandwidth levels and prices and she repeated this $34.95 many times. She made it clear that all I had to do is a 24 month contract ...