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Amazing Keys
Issue resolved

This is a follow up to the last email. I took the car to the dealer and asked them to program the keys (old and new) per recommendation from the Amazing keys owner. It took the Honda service manager less than 2 minutes to program the keys correctly. He stated that after hearing the click and nothing happened I should have gone ...

Amazing Keys
Non existing customer service

Received Honda key expeditiously. However, key would not program correctly. Contacted company first by phone then e-mail to request solution. Owner returned email and requested additional information which was provided the same day. The additional information validated that the battery was installed in the unit and a picture ...

Amazing Keys
Ignore all emails

Sent them a key blank and original key, so that they could cut it and return to me. I have CONFIRMED delivery, I have emailed the owner a total of 6 times (documented), and have only received one reply asking "what address did you send it to?" I also confirmed I sent to the correct address (one which he provided before I sent ...