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Customer Service Issue

I called to have Verizon DSL internet to my apartment on June 17,2015. Not only was the internet not running on the same day because of an activation error on Verizon's server issue, the next day once I was able to register through the activation, there was another technical issue on Verizon. I called tech support and they ...

Removal of the Weather Channel

I can't believe that they removed the Weather Channel and replaced it with AccWeather. I was trying to see the national forecast for the Tropical depression, Bill and I could not find what I was looking for. It is not the same. I usually check the Weather Channel several times a week especially when the weather is bad. I can't ...

Email spam

I get significant amounts of spam on my Verizon email account. I have done everything they have told me to try and eliminate it—except the stuff that was totally dumb— but, it gets worse. The return addresses are obviously spam and the content is gibberish. It would be so easy to detect if they had spam detectors that were ...