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Outback Steakhouse
Burn steak

I went to Outback Steakhouse in Bakersfield California and order New York steak well done to go. When I got home the steak was Burn and black. I pay$23.60 for one steak which I could not even eat it. The employees were nice but food is not good and I am not going back to store. They should be shame of themselves for cheating ...

Outback Steakhouse
This sucks

Grand Ledge, MI - Tomight was our very first time ever at an Outback Steak House. We had an awful meal and what we had ordered was NOT what we thought! They charged us for a steak which we did not order and when when we asked about the bill, they (the manager) said that is what we ordered - something we did not order. Also, ...

Outback Steakhouse
Asked to not have drink

I went to the Outback restaurant in Davie Fl last night. My wife and and I go out to dinner every Friday night and go to Outback at least twice a month. When we arrived we were told our wait would be 1/2 hour. We went to the bar we each had two drinks during our 45 minute wait. We were then seated and ordered. A girl named ...

Outback Steakhouse
Horrible food

Judging by the reviews, Outback is serving horrible food across the board, not just locally! I used to think of Outback as an upscale quality restaurant, where you could have a good meal at a decent price. I don’t know how you stay open for business serving food that is too horrible to consume! I recently went for lunch and ...