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Bear Roofing
Leak Fraud

I had a leak in my home and was told that it was a vent pipe issue. I contacted Bear roofing to give an estimate and to confirm the findings. The representative said that it was a vent pipe leak, he saw damage in the attic that was from a previous leak that my insurance company covered. He also saw the droplets of water and ...

Bear Roofing

This is a HORRIBLE company. They did a half-assed job to begin with (full roof) that included failing to apply shingles to areas not visible from the street (i. E., front porch overhang), claiming they "didn't know how" to apply shingles to an area that had existing shingles on it — AND was specified in the contract — putting ...

Bear Roofing
Bear roofing do not use

Bear roofing birmingham, al hit me and took off they are in the process of shutting down and the home owners accossiaction said!!! And i will make sure- Talking to my neighbor whose house he was at said 3 OTHER reputable companies came by before and said he needed a repair Adam who could not even keep his head up said he has ...