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Order on hold, then delayed.

Last Tuesday, April 21, We ordered shirts for our small business. I submitted the artwork, spent 3 hours editing with their program to get the design to work with their programs, and the next day, my order was put on hold. They called me no fewer than once every 30 minutes, but it was not a rep, it was an autodialer - that hung ...

Do not buy from this company!

Ordered almost $300.00 in t-shirts paid to have rushed delivery so we would have plenty of time before the event. They were supposed to arrive 4/27/15. I've called multiple times only to be left on hold then sent to voice mail after 20 minutes same thing every time, no one ever returns my calls. Now there is no way my shirt ...

Horrible Customer Service

Unbelievably frustrating - shirts were late, no one could tell me when they would come in, took two days to answer my email. Left voicemails with no one calling back. Tried to order one extra shirt after the delivery and they said there was a problem with the artwork - "undoable". Really? Because you just printed 44 shirts ...

No customer service

Waiting for my order to arrive no customer service $200 I spent on t shirts... And can't locate any one. And my event is today. I have been calling all day. My pressure is right now. I called three time and was told my wait time was 15 min I waited and then a voicemail came on stating they are not taking any calls at the ...