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Soza Clinic
Love the program! Love the staff!

I lost 45 pounds on the program a couple of years ago and have kept the weight off. I loved the program. The staff is great. The location is easy to get to. It's not just a way to lose weight but also begin living healthier. It completely changed the way I eat and take care of myself. It takes some effort to change your ...

Soza Clinic
Soza Covington

I've been doing the 60 day lifestyle program for a little over a month, and I've lost 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. I am not doing the rapid weight loss plan, but this plan is working. You do have to stick to the plan, just like any other diet program. I did not do the more expensive plan because it was too high in ...

Soza Clinic

I trusted these people to send me my 2nd weight loss kit off an Amazon Local promotion.instead of the homeopathic spray, I received a large canister of pills for immuno-support. I called to report the error... No call back. I emailed Melissa Wade in the Sewell office FOUR TIMES... No reply. Since when can you get away with ...

Soza Clinic
Orders products then doesn't pay.

Doug and Kim Chruma of the so called Soza clinic of Louisiana are unethical artists. They ordered thousands of Dollars of products then decided to chargeback their credit cards-AFTER we delivered the products and they used them. FYI they paid $75 for the total weight loss kit-which they are selling to you the public for ...

Soza Clinic
Soza clinic of Metairie

What a scam! They used to be Bouari and from what I understand they were kicked out due to unethical behavior and laziness. Now they are buying their products for $50 and selling them to is the public for $469. Also the Difuclos pretend to be health consultants but are chain smokers, and Toni Difulco the owner of the clinic ...

Soza Clinic
Its a scam!

People have been buying these Soza sprays from the Soza clinics here in Louisiana - they are a complete sham! They are 100% water - its incrediblt what these owners are doing: Toni and Wendy Difulco Doug and Kim Chruma Daniel nettles Karen Sigur These people own the Soza so called weight loss clinics. They are operating ...