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Deceptive practices

I signed up for an annual subscription for $422.48 with an automatic Renewal. When the subscription was renewed, the charge was $422.48 Per month for a total of $5069.76 per year!!! I ignored the first month since I thought it was the annual charge. On the second month's bill, I contacted the company and explained I was ...

Legal Robbery

I called into their customer service line today to cancel my membership. I only used the service for less than a month, then decided it wasn't for me. Decided to use a local real estate broker instead. To my utter shock, the customer service rep told me that they won't cancel my service, and I must continue to pay for the ...

Wanted one month—Got 3 months.

I wanted to signup for one month of Loopnet, for a service of about $250. I actually needed about a week of the service. Three months later, I noticed I was still being charged for the same service. I immediately logged on and cancelled, cancelled, cancelled. I asked for a credit of the last 2 months, explaining that was not ...

Wonder if they can put never ending contract?

Why company not put contract year by year or monthly or at lease has some expire date??? Like picture that I had attached. I just find out that they put never ending contract for my account. Don't you think business should give customer a chance to cancel? When I ask to cancel, they put it another year before I can ...