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Lgi Homes
Repairs Nor Completed

When I purchased my home last November 2014 I did so due to the convelience and affordabilituy of an GLI Home. Had I known the difficulty I would have after signing the papers at closing I would never have purchaed one of their homes. The initial salesman was wonderful. The Conbstruction Supervisor was horrific to deal with. ...

Lgi Homes
Deceitful, Careless, Greedy people

Where do i start? I went in to try to buy a home. I received a flyer. It said homes starting at $779/ month with no down payment. I thought... Great! Ill give it a go! So i went in to talk to them. Let me point out... Obviously i know it wasn't going to be ONLY $779/ month. I knew taxes and insurance would make it more. So I ...

Lgi Homes
Lgi homes is a joke

Wanted to see a model home... That did not happen. Person we talk to very rude. I am interested in buying a home but they are not interested in selling me one. Just to warn people there are much better homes to buy. Take your time and do your research on buying a home. My honest opinion I would not buy a home from lgi. They ...

Lgi Homes
6 months late

After living in the home for 6 months, haven't had any problems. Still glad I bought it. No complaints. Definitely better than the old 30 year old condos that I had been looking at. The lay out and design work very well. The house is in an established neighborhood on a large lot. The city water and sewer are already in. The ...

Lgi Homes
Preditory lending, lies

Ok I recently visited LGI homes in Red Oak TX. First I had to wait almost an hour on both occasions when I went in. We talked they ran my credit and said it was very good and they could definitely get my into a home. He asked what I was comfortable paying and I said no more than im paying now which is 1150. Then he said the ...